TMC African Film and Entertainment fund

The objective of the TMC African Film and Entertainment fund (AFF) is to facilitate empowerment.
AFF is adopting a similar model to a standard Venture Capital fund but it invests ONLY in fresh talents and new ideas. The fund has a seed capital infused by The Udemba Group and then goes on to raise money (through equity or debt) as it grows from strategic / financial investorsfrom the local and international capital market, from other Film Funds, from securing loans from local and international lenders and from individual investors. The fund will either commission and fund Films, TV serials and Music Entertainmententirely or participate in joint productions with other funds / media corporations from other parts of the world.

The goal should be to mitigate risk through back-to-back slate deals with the larger distributors of the content produced – TV Channels, Theatrical distributors, digital distributors, etc. The fund will establish an international body to evaluate and select Film & TV serials and Music Entertainmentscripts prepared by talented people of African descent, as the selection of content for funding is the most critical aspect of the fund.

AFF will introduce a paradigm shift in the worldwide film making industry. It will offer qualified investment opportunities to investors from Nigeria and all over the world. AFF will be made available to talented students who graduated from AFTA but also to diaspora African talents from all over the world. TMC will leverage from its media and entertainment arm, TrendCorp Africa Limited, to advertise, source and channel such innovative scripts to funnel attractive return-on-investment projects to the TMC Africa Film Fund.