Film Production Park

Trend Media City will bring to Africa a film, music and Tv production infrastructure compatible with its status as the cradle of human civilization and a major cultural center of the world.
It will become the home base where NOLLYNOVELAS, a typical Nigerian Tv entertainment format will be made and exported to the whole world. As part of the second phase of the project, TMC will also analyse the feasibility to set-up additional film studio production center in Greece.

Through these facilities, thousands of African and non-African creative script writers, directors, producers, cameramen and other professionals from all around the worldwide will have the best infrastructure to make high quality movies, digital contents of varying genre to tell African stories in the highest industry quality obtainable in the world. They will enjoy the cheaper local labor and fresh talents trained at the TMC's African Film and TV Academy. The Film production facilities will be made available for rent by Film makers from around the world to create entertainment products of varying genres and languages for distribution to all parts of the world.

Some of the Key facilities to be provided at the Trend Media City Film Park  will include studios, special effect center, scenic villages, post production rooms, production accommodation, art department, dressing rooms, make up rooms, meeting rooms, offices, wardrobe, workshops, utility storage, helicopter pad, teleports and fiber connection to major media hubs around the world.