Continuing Training Program

The launch of the TMC Continuing Training Program (CTP) is the response to the market need for enhanced productivity in the private sector as well as the public sector. TMC realizes that there is a significant limitation in the access to and the use of modern tools and technologies in the management and operation of private/public organisations.
As a result, CTP objectives are to bridge such gaps by facilitating the access and the use of technologies.

CTP is a private sector initiative to build capacity in the critical sectors of the economy.
The mandate goes way beyond the creative industry. It includes raising the critical manpower needs in the critical sectors of the economy, including hospitality industry, science, engineering and technology. The prevailing situation, where even first class engineering graduates work in banks and some serve as gas station attendants, is creating manpower gaps in the critical sectors in Africa. CTP will present a unique opportunity for serving CEOs of a broad range of companies, organizations and top officials of Government, agencies to update their skills for improved productivity.
It will improve capacity in public and private sectors in Africa by initiating and sustaining improvements in the quality, relevance and efficiency with the introduction of various monitoring and tracking systems, needs assessment; projections and project design; retraining; developing training plans for employee upgrading, pre and in-service training; upgrading/ developing training facilities and equipment thereby enhancing opportunities for all.

In order to reach those objectives, TMC is planning on setting up a Continuing Training Program, which primary sources of revenues foreseen are:
1.   Earnings from trainings provided to government agencies, corporate bodies and individuals
2.   Consultancy services provided to third parties