African Film & TV Academy

The objective of the African Film and TV Academy (AFTA) is to build capacity in the African Media and Entertainment industry by providing world-class training. It is aiming at bridging the gaps in the African Film & TV Education Industry and position the continent as a leading Film & TV Education in the world. AFTA courses will mainly attract African students but also students from other parts of the world.

AFTA is designed to operate on multi-campus model in different African cities, starting in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, where construction works have progressed to allow the first set of intakes to commence by September 2013. AFTA will be run in affiliation with the world famous India-based Whistling Woods International. The Port Harcourt and Lagos campuses will be run in collaboration with some of Africa’s most reputable Universities - the University of Port Harcourt and the School of Media and Communication of the Pan African University respectively.
The primary sources of revenues foreseen for AFTA are:

  • Students’ enrolment fees
  • Sale of Entertainment programs created using trainee talents. TMC will act in the capacity of a Film Fund Provider primarily and have a first-movers advantage to monetize the trained talent that the AFTA graduates.
  • Renting of AFTA facilities and services to third parties.