African Accelerator Program

The TMC African Accelerator Program (AAP) aims to be an effective tool for promoting economic growth in Africa. It  will enjoy the benefits of the coaching and mentoring, the power of a network of incubators and business acceleration centers around the world, proven methodologies, education and training programs, connections to capital, established partnerships, Research & Development support and outreach, talent recruitment, technology transfer assistance, support services and commercialization expertise.

AAP will leverage the acknowledged entrepreneurial spirit of the African people whether living in Africa or in diaspora, and draw from the power of a network of partners, incubators and business acceleration centers around the world to tap into a network of investors, start-up companies seeking to collaborate, specialized mentors and advisors seeking to share their knowledge; researchers and university commercialization professionals and other key influencers within the incubation and acceleration space around the world.

The African Accelerator Program will also incorporate a Film & Media Incubation Center through which TMC or through its partners will enter the content production business and leverage from well-trained talented students who graduate AFTA and qualify for a TMC Africa Film Fund.

The primary sources of revenues foreseen are:
1.   Equity in businesses qualified to join the African Accelerator Program
2.   Benefit from Intellectual Property Rights related to inventions developed through AAP
3.   Providing professional services to third parties such as government agencies and large private corporations