African Diaspora Resource Program

The African Diaspora Resource program (ADRP) is an Information and resource center for the innovative and creative talents of African descent(and “friends of Africa”) living outside Africa and looking to invest their ideas and talents and requiring capital, local knowledge as well as “home” in Africa.
ADRP will build a network of talented people of African ancestry with a new African consciousness and a motherland mentality and commitment. ADRP is a not-for-profit charity of the UDO-MBA foundation, a charity  organization founded by Mr. Uzo Udemba, Chairman of The Udemba Group, the sponsors of Trend Media City.

ADRP will act as Information and Support Center for peoples of African descent living outside Africa as well as Friends of Africa. Its services will be provided through:

  1. Availing FREE OF CHARGE the results of its research activities which are planned to be conducted in affiliation with ICF and notable African universities on the issues of peoples of African descent living outside Africa as well as on economic, demographics, community development, capacity building, productivity and other human development issues,
  2. Identifying and supporting talents of African descent living outside of Africa as well as Friends of Africa who have innovative ideas, skills and/or inventions that they wish to invest in Africa.

ADRP will conduct studies related to all peoples of African descent living outside of Africa and make results of the studies and publications available FREE OF CHARGE to all peoples of the world through its well-publicized website and publications. TMC does not intend to generate revenue directly from such research programs but to use same as a magnet to funnel activities to its IFE scheme.

ADRP is a place for innovators looking to invest their ideas and talents and requiring capital, local knowledge as well as a "home" in Africa. This support will be made available not only to Africans in diaspora but also to Friends of Africa under the IFE scheme. Each qualifying business will be structured to go public and get listed on floors in Nigeria, London, New York and Shanghai in 5 to 10 years. A professional management team will run each business under a strict corporate governance code to be developed and supervised for an initial 10-year tenure by an international professional advisory firm which will be appointed by TMC. ADRP vision is to generate at least ten GLOBAL COMPANIES WITH AFRICAN ROOTS BUT GLOBAL PRESENCE and generating a combined turnover of one trillion USD in ten years.

The ADRP is planning to host an Intelligent Community Forum Institute on its premises and will affiliate itself with major universities in Africa for joint research activities aimed at contributing to knowledge, generating accurate economic and demographic data on Africa necessary for business planning, preventing conflict, helping the course of peaceful and harmonious cohabitation amongst all peoples of the world. ADRP will also seek affiliation with other international organisations which promote and support diaspora-centered initiatives and share the same objective to understand how a diaspora can be focused and organised to provide a powerful entry to market and support business network to the diaspora’s nation of origin.

A part of ADRP mandate will be to organize yearly lecture series in Africa on issues of INFRASTRUCTURE, DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN CAPITAL AND SUSTAINABILITY during which a person of African descent that made the most outstanding contribution in any area of human endeavor for that year will be recorganized. As a result, ADRP will be seeking affiliation with other international events to contribute to global exposure and build momentum to spearhead global engagement within the diaspora network.

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